Call Him BRUHcasso; Jesse Vaughn Is Our #CreativeOfTheWeek @primetimeuno


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If I had to give myself a title it was be BRUHcasso!
— Jesse Vaughn

This week, we are excited to feature an up and coming artist straight out of Houston, Texas. At just 25 years old, Jesse Vaughn is finding inspiration and creating art in his own way, how can you not love that?
Hustlegrade got with Jesse about his background and more, let's get to it! 

Hustlegrade: If you had to give yourself a title, what would it be? 

Jesse Vaughn: If I had to give myself a title it was be BRUHcasso, LOL! It was a name my friend came up with as a joke, but I actually liked it! 

 Artwork By: Jesse Vaughn

Artwork By: Jesse Vaughn

 Artwork By: Jesse Vaughn

Artwork By: Jesse Vaughn

HG: In one sentence, what would you say that you do? 

JV: I bring more creativity to peoples lives, as well as the world.

HG: How would you describe the type of art you create? 

JV: I would describe my art as street art or pop art. Honestly I don't think you can really describe it, I take ideas from all forms of art, contemporary, music whatever! 

HG: When/how did you start painting? 

JV: At first I started off painting for fun. People started to inquire about my pieces so I became the guy they came to for art. I just recently started to do commission and what not.
I started painting about 10 months ago. I always used to doodle in class and on my free time. One day one of my buddies told me that I should try to paint & 10 months later here I am.

 Artwork By: Jesse Vaughn

Artwork By: Jesse Vaughn

HG: Are there any artists/pieces you’ve taken direct inspiration or influence from? Or any favorite artists? 

JV: My style is different but like I said earlier I take bits and pieces from all types of art and put my own spin on it. 
As far as artist I look up to, man there are some really talented people out here. But the two main artist I look up to are @domoxtiger (that’s his twitter handle, I don't know his real name lol) and Al-baseer Holly (@theartofalbaseer on IG) those two are amazing! They keep applying the pressure & I’m just trying to do the same.

 Artwork By: Jesse Vaughn

Artwork By: Jesse Vaughn

HG: What do you find inspires most of your art? 

JV: I feel like my art inspires a lot of people. It brings smiles and warmth to people. It no better feeling than when I’m dropping off a painting that someone show online and when they see it in person their face lights up! I love hearing “it loves wayyyy better in person” 

HG: Do you have a favorite type of painting to do? 

JV: As of now I’ve been mainly painting on canvases. But guys like Ale Baseer really have me wanting to broaden my horizons. Art can take you so far because it has no limits! It’s all about the artist and their creative mindset. 

HG: Is there a specific paint or paint set that you prefer to use?

JV:  I just use any type of acrylic paint. I haven’t honed in on a particular brand to use yet. (Hopefully one day I get a sponsorship lol) 

HG: Do you take requests for commissioned pieces? 

JV: I definitely do commission pieces, I love bringing peoples visions to life! 

HG: What’s the best way for potential customers or someone who may want you to be a part of an event or art show to contact you? 

JV: Best way to reach me would be twitter or Instagram @primetimeuno, I’m currently working on my website.

 Artwork By: Jesse Vaughn

Artwork By: Jesse Vaughn

As you can see, Jesse has plenty of dope artwork and as he stated, he also does commissioned pieces; make sure you contact him!