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Raveen Alexis is plenty of things but most of all, she is an amazing spirit. From writing to curating, Raveen has her hands in plenty of dope creative events and movements. All of these things and more are why she is our #CreativeOfTheWeek!
We spoke with Raveen to get a little more in depth about what she does and of course, why! 


Hustlegrade: Where are you from? How old are you (if you don’t mind us publishing your age)? 

Raveen Alexis: Hiram Clarke, Houston, Texas. 25, but I'll be 26 on December 2.      

HG: What's your favorite song to sing in the shower?

RA: I'll sing anything by Beyoncé. I'm not even a part of the bey-hive but ANY Beyoncé song sounds good in the shower lol.

HG: If you had to pick an animal to transform into, forever what would it be? Why?

RA: I'd transform into a horse. Preferably one with long, luxurious hair. I don't know why. I've always wanted a horse. They're so beautiful to me. And misunderstood, I think. Yeah, I'd be a horse.

HG: How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?

RA: I feel like no. Just because they're both good doesn't mean they're good together lol. Just no.

HG: If you had to give yourself a title, what would it be?


RA: Professionally? I'd call myself a Writer/Curator. As far as life, I'd call myself a Lover.

HG: In one sentence, what would you say that you do?

RA: I tell the stories of all creatives making an impact in the world, and I create spaces for vulnerability and positivity.

HG: When did you begin doing “that”, what inspired you to do so?


RA: I've been writing really all of my life. When I got to high school, I was apart of the yearbook committee, and that helped me understand that I was passionate about writing. When I got to college, I became more of myself, and I wanted to share those experiences so I started blogging. Then I created my website, came back to Houston after graduating and realized that I wanted to shed light on Houston by telling the stories of the people here who are really making it work for them, whatever 'it' is. As far as creating spaces and curating events, I had my first journaling workshop last July. The ideal literally came to me, and I executed. I felt at home at that event, and I knew it was something that I needed to continue, not only for the people, but for me and my well-being. So yeah. lol.

HG: Your Love Yoself showcase was amazing! What inspired that and can we expect more? 

RA: Thank you! I worked so hard on that event man. It is truly one of most successful things I have ever done. I am so proud of it. You can definitely expect more. We have a fire ass line-up for the next one. It's already in the works.

HG: We featured one of your #PositiveSelfTalk workshops before, but if you don’t mind giving us a quick recap on what the event is and it’s purpose?


RA: #PositiveSelfTalk is a Positivity Journaling Workshop based around self-care and emotional/mental well-being. The purpose of these workshops is to bring people together in a safe space to learn new ways to handle ourselves. To find new ways to express ourselves. To find new outlets to healthily express our thoughts and feelings without being judged BY OURSELVES. We are own biggest critics. We aren't as gentle with ourselves s we should be. PositiveSelfTalk is simply reminding you that you deserve the love you yearn for from other people. We have mimosas, writing exercises, moments to speak out loud. We meet new people, make new connections.

HG: You recently held another #PositiveSelfTalk workshop, how did that go?


RA: The workshop was AMAZING. I received so much great feedback. Everyone thanked me for creating such a safe space for them to be vulnerable and to deal with things that they haven't addressed within themselves. Some even said that I challenged them to dig deep into their emotions and really think about what true gratefulness feels like.
Everyone also LOVED the yoga portion. We drank wine the entire night and made toasts to the new energy that we ushered in during the event. TAME, The Aspiring Me set the vibes as he curated the sounds for the night (and refilled everyone's wine). 
We got really really deep. People opened up, and I'm grateful that they felt comfortable to do so. We broke barriers. And everyone who has a vision, brand or business shared it with the group at the end. We exchanged social medias and everything. So much talent in the city!

HG: How do you think events like #PositiveSelfTalk and Love Yoself benefit the creative community? And community in general?

RA: Creatives are the hardest on themselves. We love our art, and we are so protective of it. We also know the work that is put into our art because, well.. we're the ones putting in the work lol. My events are centered around opening a space where people feel okay to be themselves. My events serve as reminders of how much we need ourselves and how much we need each other. Lots of creatives feel like they're alone in most cases. I just want to remind people that we have much more in common than we think. Let your guards down and connect. Be true. This makes way for much more fluid communication and authentic collaborations and riskier art.

HG: How can people connect with you if they’re interested in collaborating or working with you? 

RA: Email is my best friend! I'm open to pretty much anything if it aligns with my mission in some way. And I'm always on social media. IG - @raveenalexis, FB: The Raveen Alexis, Twitter: @theraveenalexis


HG: What advice do you have for people looking to branch out from the norm and curate or get involved with events such as your own? 

RA: My advice is that you start with something you love. Find what you're passionate about, and find ways to share it with the world. I didn't know I wanted to curate events, I just knew I wanted to talk about positive self-talk. Find what you love and execute in whatever way comes to mind. Repeat.

Make sure you keep up with Raveen on all social media platforms or reach out to her if you have something dope to work on together!

Thank you so much to Raveen for always being amazing and willing to answer all our silly questions, check back next week for another #CreativeOfTheWeek