Explore Philanthropy with our #CreativeOfTheWeek Rachel Chanel Adams


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Now to our very first #CreativeOfTheWeek, Rachel Chanel Adams!

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If you have had the pleasure of meeting, hanging out with, or witnessing Rachel Chanel Adams in her element, you already understand why she is Hustlegrade’s Creative of The Week; in case you have not, we have all you need to know!

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Rachel Chanel Adams developed a love for philanthropy early on in life. Adams’ currently utilizes her background in nonprofit and community service to assist her clients (mostly in the music and entertainment industries) in organizing and facilitating their desire to give back to the community. We were given the opportunity to chat with Adams to get an in-depth understanding of Rachel - the philanthropist.

Hustlegrade:  What motivated you to get more involved with philanthropy?

Rachel Chanel Adams: Community involvement has always been a big passion of mine. While attending the University of Houston, I started my activism with the NAACP as Publicity Chairperson. I then went on to be a part of the leadership for Houston's Organizing for Action, an initiative under President Obama’s administration.  I also organized with the Center for American Progress and rallied on social justice issues in DC. Now I advise a school in the Sacred Valley of Peru and am a board member for non-profits that aid young women.  One of my biggest goals is to get more people involved in giving back to the community. Being involved with the nonprofit sector allows me to be able to strategically mix philanthropy with the entertainment industry in the best ways to benefit our community.

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HG:  Why is giving back important to you?

RCA: As a Christian, I believe it’s one of the most important acts is to show love for your neighbor or community.  It is important to me because at some point in everyone's life we all need help and guidance, and I believe any way we are inclined to help someone we should give back. Also, it's important to not just jump on sound bites and hot topics when something is currently affecting the community or because it's what everyone else is doing or a headline on social media.  It is always best to be proactive and not reactive. If you have an expertise or experience with a particular issue that could aid our community, stick with it instead of jumping around from issue to issue. For example Flint, Michigan is still without clean water. Those that may have expertise in sewage and water systems, environmentalists, or those passionate about helping families with low incomes should still be trying to help Flint in any way that they can, and not be discouraged because it's no longer headline news.

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HG: What future events are you working on?

RCA: We've been working on Halifax Pop Explosion in Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada which takes place October 18th-21st. There will be a lot of shows, and parties going on simultaneously, similar to SXSW.  We are also working on a festival in Botswana on January 1st. We are prepping for a lot of events coming up in 2018 as well. I am speaking at the XLIVE conference in Vegas December 10th-13th, which is a major conference for live events professionals, whether in music, sports or other areas.

HG: What encouraged you to decide to mix philanthropy with the entertainment industry?

RCA: Most of the people that we work with have a lot of resources and knowledge to make our world a better place. I am able to use my background and expertise in nonprofit to help them be more organized with their vision and assist in making it more clear and effective so that it is easier for them to give back to the community and it holds a lasting impact.


HG: What is your advice for someone who is looking to give back to the community?

RCA: The best way to get involved is by identifying what genuinely means a lot to you, whether it's our community's youth, literacy, homelessness, etc.  Whatever you're really adamant about is always the best place to start. Asking people you know where you can find local organizations that helps in those areas would be the next course of action. It is always a greater impact to go out in the community at a grassroots level and give your time and energy than to only speak out about it online. Volunteering is the fundamental way to give back, it takes no money, just a few hours of your time ever so often to really impact the community. Social media is extremely helpful as well, depending on how you utilize it. You can easily search upcoming events or organizations in your area through the use of hashtags; you could search #GiveBackHouston and find so many events including one with #HashtagLunchbag. I believe grassroots level is always the best approach to start.


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