Join the Herd with our #CREATIVEOFTHEWEEK - Kareem Day of A Herd of Bison

As found in our mission statement, Hustlegrade believes that all forms of creation are important; another level to that is establishing a purpose and high grade of both commitment and integrity in one’s creation.


That being said, Kareem Day - founder of A Herd of Bison - represents all of those factors, we are more than excited to feature him and his work as Hustlegrade’s CREATIVE OF THE WEEK. 

Through many facets of creation, Day and his brand are a shining light of what fashion, design and facilitation of a purpose look like. In a landscape that often seeks to centralize every creative source from the music we hear to the clothes we wear, A Herd of Bison remains steadfast in it’s purpose and originality.

A Herd of Bison is best explained by the founder himself so, we got with Day to find out more about him and the brand. 

Take some time to check out our interview and add A Herd of Bison to your list of brands to follow and support!

The brand name speaks volumes when you think about a herd of anything. Power, strength, integrity, cohesiveness, and patience is what I think of when I analyze a herd of anything. That’s what the brand is modeled after. The Bison animal is unique in many ways just like the product that we create.
— Kareem Day

Hustlegrade: Where are you from and how old are you?

Kareem Day: Born in North Philadelphia and raised in Houston. I am 33

H: What is your favorite part of Houston? What do you think is Houston’s best or most important quality?

KD: I think the culture that Houston has is on the horizon in regards to how the world  perceives it. Houston used to be at the bottom of the barrel not too long along compared to other big cities. Now it seems like this city shepards a lot of things musically, artistically, and culturally from a domestic view. Just a matter of time before that influence surface to the rest of the world.

H: If animals could talk, which one do you think would be the rudest?

KD: Haha its not an animal but id say a fly. They just seem to do things that can annoy the hell out of you. Imagine what one would say after being swatted away for landing on your food 3 times lol.

H: Would you rather be underpaid or overrated?

KD: I would rather be underpaid. That's kind of the story of my life when it comes to art or fashion. Like most creatives, my mentality is one that caters to the people. I have a hard time adding a monitory value to the things i do. I have people i work with that handle all of that. In all honest my reward is just seeing someone smile or happy to have something I have created. That's my reward but in business it doesn’t work like that lol.

A Herd of Bison is a conviction. A conviction of what I believe is missing in the fashion world translated through threads and different materials. 
— Kareem Day

H: If you were to give yourself a title, what would it be?

KD: Very hard question because I’ve never stopped to think about it but id say i am a translator. A translator for the things missing and needed in the world. Sometimes i translate through words, treads, material, art, etc. 

H: In one sentence, what would you say that you do?

KD: I think, design/create, and share with the world little pieces of my life through fashion, art, and many other mediums. 

H: What inspired you to go in that specific direction and when did you start? 

KD: I've been doing this most of my life. I didn’t get serious about turning it in to a business until maybe 5 years ago. I’ve always wanted to design shoes since I was a kid. I have a sketch of a shoe that I created in the 5th grade that I hold on to. The release was supposed to be in the year 2003 I believe. Lol didn’t quite happen that very year but a few years later and hear we are.

H: What is “A Herd Of Bison”?

KD: A Herd of Bison is a conviction. A conviction of what I believe is missing in the fashion world translated through threads and different materials. 

H: The name interests me, a lot – what is the story behind it?

KD: The story behind A Herd Of Bison is still being written but I can say that it is a product of all of my failures. The brand name speaks volumes when you think about a herd of anything. Power, strength, integrity, cohesiveness, and patience is what I think of when I analyze a herd of anything. That’s what the brand is modeled after. The Bison animal is unique in many ways just like the product that we create. It kind of all just meshed well. 


H: What stands out as the one major thing that makes “A Herd Of Bison” unique?

KD: I'd say it would have to be the high quality fabrics and bespoke ability that we offer to the garments. Every piece from the brand has a purpose and is unique in its own way. I like to say that i provide more than a garment for someone to wear. Each item is a conversation piece and the message behind them has a very streamlined meaning. Also the Moccasin Trainer shoe that I released in the past. The next shoe that i designed and worked on diligently will release this year. That is by far the most unique thing about A Herd Of Bison.

H: (Watch this video to understand this part LOL) Why did you set the Yeezy Boost on fire?? 

KD: Hahaha in all reality I just didn’t care for the hype that was floating around the shoe. I felt like the hypebeast meter for them were at the all time high. i love the shoe but that was just a reminder to people that its just a shoe. Well designed shoe and much respect to Adidas and Kanye for blessing us with it but its just fabrics put together like any other piece of footwear. I say that but i have a few pair of the Yeezys and 150+ shoes but I don’t hype over them. I just have a love for different material and fabric paralleled with the history behind them. When i see people buying just to stash or resale at a crazy price it makes me sad. I know that's what the culture has grown in to but i guess that was my modest approach to wake people up. As you can see it didn’t work lol 

Now the funny part about that is story is my wife didn’t know i did that until I posted the video. Lets just say there were more than a few cold nights in the house after that. She wasn’t happy about that at all lololol!

H: What advice do you have for someone who is conserving taking the leap into entrepreneurship? 

KD: My motto is “The idea of something not working will always be there. It's your job to not make them become a reality.”. In other words go for it and don’t look back. Commit to whatever it is you want to do and you will see results.

H: Any specific advice for those who  are considering doing so in a creative aspect?

KD: Doing anything in a creative aspect can sometimes be very tricky. I say that because i struggled with understanding how to operate a business while still doing something that I love. Most of the times when you are a creative doing something in an entrepreneurial space, the passion can overtake the business mindset. If you are fortune you will not get caught up in that realm. If you are like me it may take you sometime to figure it out. Bottom line is understand that your time is valuable and the passion or creativity that you surface to the world is worth more than any amount of money because it is something that manifested from you. Know your worth and work accordingly. The real supporters will respect you and your craft. Those are the people you want to cater to.


H: You recently released The Green Prosperity Satin Jacket, tell us a bit more about that and what inspired the collection.


KD: The Green Prosperity Satin Jacket release was something I did aimed to give people and fresh start mentally moving in to 2018. The color symbolizes the energy involving all things prosperous. Whether it’s Health, career, fears, finances, relationships, etc, I wanted the piece to be a constant reminder that the energy around them will all be positive. Usually the green colorway exemplifies positive or something being in good standings. The details of the Jacket was made with high quality and definitely was priority when designing. From the white satin laced inside to the detailed stitching, the Green Prosperity Satin Jacket is something to have in the collection. The jacket sold out in a matter of 1 or 2 days which shocked me. A lot of people reached out asking for a restock so we will be restocking along with another release 2/2/18. 

H: You have a release coming up for a line focusing on an Ode to Women, when is that releasing? what inspired it? what will it consist of?

KD: That is the Woman’s Worth release. I took 6 women that were monumental in their own regard and wanted to highlight them in a different way. The women highlighted either made history by breaking a barrier in society or symbolize pure beauty and gracefulness. The artwork behind it is unique. If you look closely you could see each of the women highlighted in the art. Definitely a special piece with substance.

H: Where can people go to shop with your brand?


The idea of something not working will always be there. It’s your job to not make them become a reality.
— Kareem Day

H: What do you have in the pipeline that we should be looking forward to?

KD: Mainly a release almost every month of this year. We still have a few more releases and maybe a collaboration before the shoe release in April/May. Should be a very exciting 2018!

H: How can people connect with you if they’re interested in collaborating or working with you?

KD: Reach out via email ( or IG (@KareemDaay) (@AHerdOfBison


Big thank you to Kareem Day for taking the time to give us insight on himself and A Heard of Bison, we are happy to feature him as our CREATIVE OF THE WEEK. 

As we move forward in building habits of purposeful action in creative aspects as well as our general lives, take a look at the brands you support. And what they support and represent. As always we encourage everyone to be knowledgeable; including with the apparel you adorn.  Go take a look at,we are sure you will find something that suits you! 

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