2 Dope Yogis Presents: Flow House

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HG: What attracted you to the yoga life and How did you come up with 2Dope Yogis?

Alicia Tillman: I started after injuries from basketball, and then a few days later I got back into going. I was going through emotional and personal issues and I noticed after taking the yoga classes that I felt so much better mentally and physically. After awhile I started bringing athlete friends to yoga, and that was the inspiration for 2 Dope Yogis. I decided to cater more to athletes and the people who don't know anything about yoga. The typical perception of yoga being taught by mostly Caucasian slim built women to the sound of whales can be intimidating to people like me. Although there are a lot of benefits from yoga the discernment of it draws people away. What I wanted to offer was a more comfortable vibe for people encouraging freedom of the mind body and spirit.

HG: What inspires the type of yoga events you come up with?

AT: Trap yoga was inspired by my authentic self. I do yoga to whatever music I'm currently listening to. Listening to sounds that sounds like whales are dying, in my opinion would make it hard for people to concentrate. So I started doing yoga to music that I like. I'm more realistic with myself.  I started being me. I embraced not being like the typical yoga instructor. I cuss and I listen to trap music so I took the things I learned to accept about myself and incorporated them into yoga, and Trap Yoga and Tacos was born.

HG: Do you have to be experienced to take attend your yoga events?

AT: Actually the more inexperienced you are the better. What we try to do is create an amazing experience that makes you think differently about yoga. We make sure to teach at all levels at our events so whether you only came because your friend dragged you along or your an experience yogi we're able to cater to everyone.

HG: Why do you want to bring 2 Dope Yogis to SXSW?

AT: SXSW is a staple in Texas, and a staple in my life.  For many years I've attended SXSW. I've literally been to everyone but two. It's definitely helped me create what I create now with my love and passion for music and the ability to integrate that with yoga. I really want to bring something brand new to SXSW that hasn't been done before. This new generation is full of people that are really into self care and are more conscience about health and wellness. SXSW is so renowned it's a perfect catalyst for 2 Dope Yogis Presents "Flow House."

HG: How can they vote for your panel?

AT: You can go to the link http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/75589 to vote. If you are not already registered with SXSW it will require you to register. This is mainly to eliminate voter fraud for panels. Click the "Vote Up" button and add a comment below!

HG: What is 2 Dope Yogis cooking up next?  

AT: Trap, Yoga, and Tacos will be back September 28th; with a chopped and screwed edition brought to you by DJ Candlestick, OG Ron C and the Chopstars. This time we will be at Warehouse live. To attend the event make sure to register at Doyogaeattacos.com. We are also planning to do 2 more events before the end of the year.

If you've ever witnessed or been a part of a 2Dope Yogis event you know that they are transcending yoga norms and making it something that everyone can participate in. To stay updated with 2 Dope Yogis you can follow them @doyogaeattacos , @awkwardyogagirl , and @thirdcoastvegan . Make sure to go to SXSW and vote for the "Flow House" panel  today. The deadline to submit votesis Friday 8/25; so go vote and support this dope yoga movement!