5 Albums To Listen To Instead of "More Life"

Usually I avoid wasting energy or words on negatively charged articles about music and honestly, this is no different. While the headline may suggest this will be a piece focusing on "More Life", the purpose is rather to steer those who have voiced their dislike for the album to something they may enjoy more.

The headline says what it says and I will leave it at that.

Let's get to the music.

Smino - Blkswn 

This album is amazing. Period. 

I recommend Anita, Edgar Allen Poe'd Up, B Role, Long Run and Amphetamine for your first run through. Then you can run the whole album through, over and over.

Listen to Smino's "blkswn" via Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music

Sampha - Process

Sampha was once closely associated with Drake (NWTS days) and his newest album "Process" is perfection. 

Recommended tracks are (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano, Under, Timmy's Prayer and What Shouldn't I Be? 

Listen to Sampha's "Process" here. 

THEY. - Nü Religion: Hyena

Referred to as "Grunge 'n B", THEY. has a unique sound that comes together perfectly on their debut album "Nü Religion: Hyena". 

Recommended tracks are Deep End, Silence, Say WhenDante's Creek and Back It Up.

Listen to THEY.'s "Nü Religion: Hyena" on Apple Music or Spotify

DeLorean - Take Me Back

Before you tell me that the albums I listed previously don't have enough rapping for your taste, go listen to DeLorean's newest album "Take Me Back". Then thank me later.

Recommended tracks are From The Bottom, Shook Up, Swear 4 Lord and Flowers. But honestly the whole album jams. 

Listen to DeLorean's "Take Me Back" on Apple Music  or Spotify

Starlito & Don Trip - Step Brothers Three

First of all, look at the album cover. "Step Brothers Three" is fun and dope. Most of all, it jams. Starlio and Don Trip have yet to let me down. 

Recommended tracks are Boomshakalaka, Me & You Both, The 13th Amendment Song, 3rd 2nd Chance and Untitled No Hook.

Listen to Starlito & Don Trip's "Step Brothers Three" on Apple Music and Spotify

Again, this is strictly opinion based and everyone has an opinion, right? 

If "More Life" isn't your thing, stop talking about how much you don't like it and listen to something else. Even if it is not one of the aforementioned projects, listen to something you enjoy and spend your time speaking positively about that. Trust me.