A KING'S RETURN - @BigKRIT Review Series Part 1 With @_OnMute

As 2017 comes to an end, our Hustlegrade staff would like to welcome the first of our December Album Review Series featuring the super dope Mr. On Mute!

On Mute is a wonderful source of music opinion and other hiphip and culture related information, make sure you check it out: http://www.on-mute.com/ 

The first few portions of our review series will focus exclusively on Big K.R.I.T.'s latest release "4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time", if you have not heard it yet, go take a listen!

Read what Mr. On Mute has to say about the album, below and come back daily in December for more great reviews! 


There are so many story lines surrounding the latest album from Big K.R.I.T. Many questioned if he was smart to leave Def Jam. If he could return to his former glory that gained him his large fan base? If he would be able to deliver a certified classic with no debate about it? While all of these things were answered, there are bigger things at play with 4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time. How about that a label was so hell bent on not dropping Krit’s album that he made this classic with their money and was able to walk out the doors with it. How about that one of our strongest most down to earth artist was driven to alcoholism and mental breakdowns from an industry that’s suppose to be working for him.

The masses have fallen in love with disc one. Big K.R.I.T. side of the project is the more easily digestible part of the album. Songs like 1999 featuring Lloyd and the T.I. assisted Big Bankwill get lots of radio play and stream like crazy. All the songs the label said he needed for the ladies to grove to and radio can accept can all be found on disc one. There’s even joints for the southern old heads to jam such as Get Up 2 Come Down and Ride Wit Me, which showcase where his early southern influences came from. 

I’m a fan over introspective records and artist bearing their souls on tracks, so it should come as no surprise that I’m more driven to disc two of the album. Krit drops the stage name and lets us into Justin Scott the man. This is where you see the struggles of being an artist in limbo and being the person who provides for their entire family while suffering with their own inner demons. On Mixed Messages he chronicles the hypocrisy of rappers lyrics. “I got me a lover but I still wanna cheat, I wanna be saved but it’s fcuk the police” raps Krit. It’s great to hear an artist detail the fight between rapping about what they living and what people actually want to hear. As you get further into the project you come up on the strongest back to back of the entire album. Price of Fame and Drinking Sessions are arguably the best and most vulnerable songs of the entire album. This is where you can hear him wrestling with the thought of being done with it all. 

Not to take away from Big K.R.I.T.’s moment, the process of how this all went down is what’s wrong with the industry today. In the early years of music artist had an A&R to help develop them in all aspects of being an artist and help bring their project together. The sad thing is once all labels cut that department down to a handful of people, the job turned into glorified babysitters and talent finders.(Talent = anyone who already has a buzz and we can exploit.) 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time was made with Def Jam’s money and in their studios. While people would check in on Krit from time to time, nobody noticed a classic being cropped right under their nose. If someone at Def Jam didn’t lose their job behind this I would be in total shock. 

The double disc is sweet science that has never been mastered since Life After Death. Jay Z, Nas, and Tupac all failed at their attempts, while the underdog Big K.R.I.T. fought his way to independence and gave you twenty two tracks of greatness. 

-Mr. On Mute


Thank you again to On Mute for being dope and collaborating with us for our year end album reviews! Make sure you go get familiar with On Mute and everything they do!

Check back with us tomorrow for another guest review of Big K.R.I.T.'s "4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time"