All Wax Everything: #SixYearsOfWax @TheWaxaholics

February has always been a cool month. For the past few years, as I mark another 365 in my own life, I have had the pleasure of simultaneously celebrating the anniversary of The Waxaholics.

This article began with every intention of explaining who The Waxaholics are and what they do in-line with an interview and some pictures. Easy, right? As I typed and backspaced “Born February 12, 2012..” “In Houston, Texas...” and so on and so forth, a few times, I realized that effectively or even accurately describing The Waxaholics is nearly impossible.


To me, The Waxaholics are family.

A friend introduced me to them at an all vinyl Outkast tribute at Double Cross Lounge. Not long after, I celebrated my birthday at Alley Kat Bar & Lounge which The Waxaholics had just made their Thursday night home; I found out we shared a birthday, Wax founder DJ Big Reeks asked me what my purpose was and now here we are. Through building professionally, community wise and personally, The Waxaholics are an undeniable force of genuinely good, dope things. You’d be hard pressed to find a group of guys like The Waxaholics, anywhere. Musically, they’re genius. Creatively, unmatched. And as sorry as they can be sometimes they’re the some of the dopest people in the world. Also they don’t judge me when I act a complete ass in public so, what else do I need to say?

While The Waxaholics are comprised of a core group, we are as fluid in membership as we are in life. Anybody who finds themselves engaged in anything The Waxaholics do is by nature, a Waxaholic. Instead of an introduction to The Waxaholics through my own limited perspective, I wanted to share a more meaningful look at The Waxaholics.

Tomorrow The Waxaholics will be celebrating anniversary number six. Today and tomorrow, in appreciation and support of The Waxaholics, we will be sharing a look at The Waxaholics movement that includes photos, videos, stories and personal testimonies from the extended Waxaholics family.

For the past three years and some change I’ve only attended The Waxaholics events unless dragged elsewhere for a friends birthday. I like to think of The Waxaholic Thursday’s, Sunday Brunch, And Grande as the anti party. I love that you don’t have to get dressed up and nobody cares about sections or how many bottles you bought. The music is also miles ahead of what you’ll hear anywhere else classic mixes to current chart toppers, they deliver it all. Dopest part of it all tho is that it’s like kicking with extended family. Blk And Reeks always greet you and you don’t have to know someone to dance with them or rap word for word to whatever classic is being played at the moment together.
— @_OnMute
In a climate where music has become a popularity contest The Waxaholics have stuck to the essence of providing crowds with an experience that takes on a nostalgic journey while steering a new wave.
— @SeanFalyon
I’m a very passion driven person, by nature. I don’t really invest time in anything that I don’t actually love or care about, so I truly rock with people that carry themselves in the same manner. That’s one of the main reasons why I’ve bought into the brand, that is, The Waxaholics. They do with music what I do with words and Photography, and they flourish based off that passion that they have for their craft. Not only do they play the tunes that are the soundtrack to all of our lives, they actually share bits of their lives whenever we chat about where we were when we first heard this song, or that song, or this or that album. There’s no party quite like a waxaholics party, and stepping into a waxaholics event is like coming home; That’s love, and for that I’m grateful. All hail The Waxaholics. Happy 6th anniversary.
Aside from (The Waxaholics) being amazing human beings, their parties are always so live. I can come in feeling low, but I know that when I leave their parties, I’ll have a smile on my face. To know them is to love them, and I feel blessed to call them my friends.
— @KamFranklin
I’ve always had an appreciation for good music. Imagine meeting a group of music enthusiasts who share the same passion for music as you. The Waxaholics to me is a movement. It couldn’t be duplicated if they tried. It’s unique, fresh and cultured. They have the ability to put you in a time machine simply by spinning a record. My most memorable moment attending a Waxaholics event was the summer Chance the Rapper’s album released in 2016. The weather was ironically perfect for a summer night. Alley Kat was at capacity, and DJ Big Reeks drops “Summer Friends.” Everyone from inside the building and the patio belted out Chance the Rappers lyrics. It was so surreal, and one of my most memorable Waxaholics moments where people just lost themselves in the moment and the music. Forever a fan and a friend thank you Waxaholics for creating moments like these for people like me.
— @JBrownSugaa

Here is to #SixYearsOfWax, and many more! 

Tomorrow we will have more stories, experiences and more to share.
And tomorrow night at Alley Kat, The Waxaholics will be celebrating anniversary number six.
See you there!