All Access Art Show: Summer Edition

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, come out to the Summer Edition of the All Access Art Show on Friday, May 12.

Combining art, music, fashion and food, All Access is sure to have all the elements of a creative good time.

Hustlegrade got the chance to ask one of All Access's founders, Tajay Byrd, a few questions.

Get your tickets to All Access Art Show: Summer Edition here and find out even more about the event below!

Hustlegrade: Who is behind All Access?

Tajay Byrd: The founders behind the All Access Art Show is Malik McGhie, Jeremy Cann, and myself (Tajay Byrd). The event is powered by the High Hopes Clothing Brand. Our sponsor at this time is MyEventIsTheBomb Interactive Selfie Booths.

HG: How would you describe All Access in one sentence to someone unfamiliar with it? 

TB: The All Access Art Show is the most cultural art experience in the city of Houston; Art Done Different.

HG: Are there specific artists that will be showcasing their work and performing? If so, who?

TB: We showcase over 25+ plus Visual Artist from all over the states. We have the dope artist Troy Davis coming from Birmingham, Alabama to showcase his work. We have 3 amazing artist coming from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We have beefed up our entertainment portion of the show by providing full performance theater to give our audience the best possible creative experience. We have performances from musical artist of all genres. The One Up Dance Cru of Sound box Studios will be performing some of their latest routines. Its truly a an atmosphere that showcases all levels of levels of the arts. The event is hosted by MC JCann. 

The All Access Art Show is the most cultural art experience in the city of Houston; Art Done Different.
— Tajay Byrd

HG: When/how did All Access come to be? 

TB: The All Access Art show started in September of 2016. This a quarterly event in the city of Houston. We plan to expand by taking the show to some of the most cultural cities around the United States.

HG: What should attendees expect at All Access? 

TB: A variety of Art, Music, Fashion, and Entertainment from local emerging talent.

HG: What are the differences between General Admission and VIP tickets? 

TB: General Admission is a standard show ticket which allows guest entry to all our show has to offer. Purchasing a VIP ticket gives our guest the ultimate All Access Art Show experience. This ticket will grant you VIP parking in the front of the venue. There is no waiting line upon entry. VIP guest will also receive up-close seating in the performance theater for a guaranteed spot for BOTH segments of the show.

HG: How can people get involved or be a part of All Access, in the future? 

TB: We are always looking for new talent. Artist can follow our brand on social media to stay updated with our open auditions and Artist + Vendor Registration Calls. Submission of work or general inquiries can be sent to at this time. As we expand our brand we are in need of volunteers and interns to further help with maintain the quality of our events.

More info regarding the All Access can be found via the links below.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday! 

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