CLASS ACT: From Hustlegrade & HoustonTREND

Everyone loves a good list. Lists make categorizing and digesting all the information we are inundated with a little bit easier.

Well, here is a list.

From Hustlegrade & HoustonTREND

Back to front, left to right: FreddyING, WOLFE de MÇHLS, Jonquel, Mufasa Enzor, Rocky Banks, Hogg Booma, Papa G, Nique, Bigg Fatts and Doeman.

The artists featured in CLASS ACT may not be on your radar, they aren’t the ones with an industry machine behind them, they are NOT a hot new fad. Every artist was chosen by the way their art and their grind made me feel. Simple as that.

CLASS ACT is a place to start. My city has been in a weird, stagnant place musically for far too long and it is in no way due to a lack of talent. The goal of CLASS ACT is to shine a light on the immense amount of creative greatness Houston possesses, musically.

CLASS ACT does not feature any one type of music or sound, the artists featured and their music embody how well-rounded and unique Houston is. 

Take some time to step outside of the norms created by mainstream media and outlets that have motives other than spreading quality music.

A huge thank you to Elliot Guidry of HoustonTREND for the photos featured in CLASS ACT. Also an enormous shoutout to the artists involved. Elliot and all of the artists pictured took time out of their day at my request to make this happen.

These photos were shot in December 2016 and since then, everyone involved has been working hard, making moves and proving themselves a CLASS ACT.

These are artists from and/or based out of Houston, Texas that you need to get familiar with. Now. 

Over the rest of this week, Hustlegrade will highlight each of these artists, in depth.

Take some time NOW to check out their music and come back for some background info and a deeper look into the artists featured in CLASS ACT.

All photos courtesy of Elliot Guidry.