Event of the Week: @EVOLVERSI 2nd Annual Art + Music Festival

Evolversi is an artist promotion and event coordinating company based out of Houston Tx.
EVOLVERSI’s network consists of over a thousand creative individuals, brands, and collectives. The founders, Summer Woods and Russell Reinhart, vowed to end pay-to-play for upcoming artists and to create dope shows for them!

EVOLVERSI’s Second Annual Art+Music Festival on Friday, February 2nd, 2018 at The Secret Group is our Hustlegrade EVENT OF THE WEEK.

As Houston moves and grows creatively, brands such as EVOLVERSI® stand out both in importance and purpose. Hustlegrade is proud to be one of the sponsors for their upcoming Art + Music Festival; the second in what looks to be a long, fruitful line of festivals for EVOLVERSI®.

With the festival just around the corner, Hustlegrade would like to offer a bit of depth in regards to what EVOLVERSI® does and of course, why they do it.

Check out our interview with the founders of EVOLVERSI® , below and get your tickets here.

Hustlegrade: What is EVOLVERSI®, in one sentence?

EVOLVERSI®: EVOLVERSI® is a live-entertainment company based in Houston, Texas that focuses on concerts and tours.

H: Who is behind EVOLVERSI® and how did the brand come to be?

E: The founders Summer Woods and Russell Reinhart met in college and created an EP together titled Summer of '93. After creating the project we worked on summer performing at different events around Houston and quickly came to realize that local events in Houston needed more structure. We don't think an artist should ever pay to perform and should in fact be paid themselves, so we decided to put on our own events and when we did we found out that other markets, genres, and types of artists needed help as well so we started putting more shows together and help the artist community of that genre. People saw how genuine we are and it quickly grew

H: What would you say is the purpose of EVOLVERSI®?

E: To highlight artists and different forms of art.

H: Explain the art + music festival for those who aren’t familiar, please.

E: (At the festival, attendees will) Witness a diverse selection of creative expression including: live musical performances, a dance recital by RAAW Materialz, poetry provided by Writer’s Block, an All Access Art Show Exhibit featuring Houston artists, ‘RUMINATION’ a short film directed by Q. Guyton, and comedy acts from Jeff Shelley, Shabaz Playtime, Uncle Dynamite, and P. Harris. Explore the entire venue, visit the different rooms, and its balcony for a remarkable view of downtown Houston.

H: How many of these festivals have y’all done?

E: This is the second (Art + Music) Festival. The company has grown into a premiere platform for artists in the southern region of the United States with over fifty diverse shows and three tours within the first year.

H: How did you go about choosing artists for the festival?

E: We have worked with artists personally, we go out to shows, artists reach out to us and refer other artists. Once you are in this community, everyone talks and knows each other. It's hard not to find new people .

H: Who all is involved, behind the scenes?

E: It has been Russell, Summer and Jamarcus Robinson behind everything until recent months. Now they work with a number of groups such as Media Block, Wear.Models, All Access Art Show, Hustlegrade, Incrowd and more; with every intention of expanding in the future.

H: What should people expect from the Art + Music Festival?

E: Expect the unexpected.

H: Where can people get tickets? will there be tickets at the door?

E: Tickets are available at www.evolversiglobal.com and for $20 at door

H: How can people get in contact with EVOLVERSI® for more info or future inquiries?

E: You can email us at  Team@evolversiglobal.com or go to our website evolversiglobal.com. As well as reaching out to us on all social media platforms @evolversi (IG @evolversi_)

H: What other events can we look forward to from EVOLVERSI®? 

E: Doeman will be performing at Secret Group on February 9th, there will be a valentine charity raffle for a date on February 11th. Legaci has a performance at Media Block on March 10th and also be on the look out for something big with Q Guyton @QGfresh coming soon.

Huge thank you to EVOLVERSI® for all that they do, for allowing us to be a part of this amazing event and for taking the time out to chat with us about their brand and the Art + Music Festival. Quick shoutout to The Waxaholics, a fellow sponsor of the Art + Music Festival - and the coolest affiliates ever, in the world. 

Between three stages, the lineup for the EVOLVERSI® Art + Music festival is set to showcase a crazy dope lineup of creatives and artists! The plan for the evening includes Hustlegrade’s resident selector Yobi Yobz - honestly he’s our fashion consultant, vibe curator, creative genius and source of testosterone too but, hey. Also on the lineup, a few of our favorites/extended Hustlegrade family members; The Afroknotts, Izzar Thomas, Mickey Woods, JR. and Erva Carter; along with an array of artists including Tim Woods, Blaze Franco, Alpha Raps and much, MUCH more; you definitely don’t want to miss this!

Tickets for EVOLVERSI’s Second Annual Art+Music Festival on Friday, February 2nd, 2018 at The Secret Group, here.