Exclusive Video Premiere: Freezer @meyerxansky @GoMCBeezy @elvisfReshly

Hustlegrade is excited to premiere the palm tree laced visuals for Papa G's Freezer featuring MC Beezy and Fre$h, directed by Northstar

Hit the Hollywood Hills with the Fresh LXRDS and stunt a little bit. Or a lot. Freezer features plenty of icy jewelry, blunts and hanging out of convertible tops. 

Aside from how dope the visuals are, the top-notch rapping on Freezer is amazing. When you get Papa, Beezy and Fre$h together, there are bars on bars that are sure to make you want to stand on some couches in the club or hang out of a sunroof or two. These guys can really rap with the best of them. At one point Fre$h is in the trunk of a car, rapping his ass off. Trust us, you have to see this. 

Freezer can be found on Papa G's latest release "Anxiety" check it out!

Watch Freezer below.