Experience a Night of Black Excellence with @OpulenceHouston


As the monotonous realities of adulting do their part to shoot down all our fun, the idea of attending a ball, in gowns and tuxedos fit for royalty, with all of your closest friends seems to be something reserved for cinematic fictions. Houston's Brittney Mitchell believes otherwise and is currently gearing up for the third installment of Opulence Houston; an annual celebration, founded with the intention of offering an affordable yet very elegant social event. 

Held at the historic Ensemble Theatre, Opulence not only guarantees you will have the time of your life but is accessible and welcoming to all who would like to attend.

Opulence Houston was directly inspired by the Zulu Ball in New Orleans and is the brain child of Mitchell that she began creating over 5 years ago and simply put is a night of Black Excellence that allows attendees to "feel like royalty but party like rock stars."

Expect to dance until your feet hurt! Expect to laugh until your face hurts!
— Founder of Opulence Houston, Brittney Mitchell

After initially being told an event warranting such preparation and formal attire would not go over well in Houston (quote from Brittney: shoutout Gunna! LOL), Mitchell stewed over the idea until the first Opulence Houston came to fruition in 2015. All Opulence attendees must adhere to a formal dress code, show up ready to enjoy themselves and dance like nobody is watching, it is a time to let loose and look your absolute best. Opulence fittingly takes place in December, representing a year-end celebration of life. 


One of the stand-out attributes of Opulence Houston is the affordable pricing which allows potential attendees to customize their experience and either opt in for a section with friends or a single ticket for themselves; all of which include access to the event's open bar and catering selections. Those interested in Opulence can feel financially secure in purchasing their ticket and outfit without having to break the bank the day the event comes around.


Opulence attendees can expect a few very specific things, according to Mitchell, "...expect to not be able to go to work the next day! Expect to forget about every problem you have! Expect to dance until your feet hurt! Expect to laugh until your face hurts! Expect to feel free!

Tickets for Opulence Houston on December 9, 2017 are on sale NOW and can be found, along with more pertinent information, via http://opulencehouston.com/

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Contact info@opulencehouston for any additional information you may need.

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