Go "Somewhere New" with @IzzarThomas

I know all your dreams’ll come true and someday you’ll take me to Somewhere New...
— Izzar Thomas - Somewhere New

Sunday, July 16 Izzar Thomas gathered with friends and business associates to celebrate the release of his latest project, Somewhere New and bless the people in his life with an intimate listening session. Our own Justina Hay joined Izzar and this is what she had to say.... 

"Sunday night I got the chance to pull up to Izzar Thomas's Somewhere New Listening party. The project consists of 15 tracks, mostly produced by Izzar himself, as well as from DJ Tazer, Treson Jamar, MCCLD, Sea Gil and Nate Coop.  Somewhere New follows Izzar on his quest to transcend into new depths of music.

Whether the tracks supplied hard hitting bass lines (with the help of Aldo on the bass and Jaimond Bady) or a simple groove that makes you want to two step, the music simply feels good. It was a genuine experience hearing Izzar sing about his highs and lows, his wins and losses and sharing that experience with his fans.

There were a few shared moments and tracks that resonated with me the most; those familiar with “HMOML” (a super rhythmic track produced by Izzar Thomas and DJ Tazer) all sang aloud with the chorus. Tim Woods, who is also featured on the track, was in attendance and performed his verse alongside his comrade Izzar. The next track "Vibes"  is another stand-out track that features an Alina Baraz sample, whose album I just so happened to be obsessed with. Izzar floated effortlessly over the chopped sample of Alina Baraz’s hypnotic voice in the background.

When DJ Tazer dropped "Wav", Izzar’s single with a heavy hitting 808, everyone in the crowd was rapping his lyrics word for word, dancing, and those too cool to dance were at the very least bobbing their heads. Another track that will be on repeat is "Monica Pierre" (love the word play, by the way) a love ode infused with an unforgettable piano solo, horns, and Izzar serenading us throughout the chorus.  

Before Izzar could even introduce the next song, everyone who has been lucky enough to hear it yelled “This is my favorite song!” and I would unarguably have to agree; gospel inspired “Got It” had the whole crowd singing their hearts out. With production from Treson Jamar and a powerful hook accompanied by 5th Sunday Choir and an even more powerful message, "Got It" moves you so much that you have to sing along.

The listening party was confirmation that the deftly-produced album was effortlessly captivating. Izzar Thomas takes you Somewhere New with his innovative combination of genuinely feel good music."

-Justina Hay 

If you are looking for Somewhere New, a place of happiness and a place of love and self-love, Houston's own Izzar Thomas has you taken care of. As of right now and with a huge thank you to Izzar, you can listen to his newest release Somewhere New. The uplifting offering is sure to put you in a great, new place. 

The Hustlegrade family would like to note that not only is Izzar an amazing artist, he is a really dope, hard-working and committed person. We have been lucky enough to work with Izzar and have him perform at our own Submission Sundays LIVE. "Somewhere New" will remain in our rotation for quite some time.

Without further adieu, take a listen to Izzar Thomas's "Somewhere New"