Happy #SixYearsOfWax @TheWaxaholics

Tonight, The Waxaholics celebrate their sixth anniversary...

Yesterday, we shared a bit of why everyone loves The Waxaholics and we would like to share more.

Personally, I would like to wish my brothers, my family, my go-to's for support and advice, my source of laughs on bad days and the coolest group of guys that get on my damn nerves a very, very happy sixth anniversary. I have learned and grown immensely not only through the work we have done together but the opportunity and experience I have gained since working with The Waxaholics,

Here is to infinity.

Meet us at Alley Kat Bar & Lounge, TONIGHT! 

Don't take my word for it though, keep reading... 

The Waxaholics are family to me. I’ve known each of those guys for at least over five years. I met Big Reeks way back in the day when I used to DJ at DoubleCross on Saturday Nights. I believe this is when The Waxaholics had Thursday nights over there. I met Reeks one night while I was spinning on Saturday and he was there to pick up his check. Funny thing, he ended up staying there all night long. That was the night we became friends. Later Reeks introduced me to Blk at a Crown Royal party outside of premium goods. I love that guy!

He’s my Spirit Animal! lol Later I met Ozzie through some mutual friends as well as Tony Dark. Losty Los, I’ve also have known through mutual friends. It’s so cool to have seen him evolve into the Dj he is today. These are some real Stand Up Gentlemen.

Demo... well he’s always been my brother. Him and I go way back! I was there from the beginning watching him dust off his old Vinyl just to jam with the homies at DoubleCross. Watching him get back into the swing of things was like riding a bike. By the time you knew it, he was a part of the team.

The Waxaholics are doing something unique. Something most Djs don’t care to do. Since Vinyl is a thing of the past... most Djs don’t wanna look back or go backward and put in the work that it takes to spin vinyl. Come on let’s face it. The digital era is a whole lot simpler than bringing out the crates. So most don’t wanna look back on the day of Diggin, Lifting, Loading and Unloading. It definitely was a time, where a Dj had to put in man hours of work.

Therefore I Salute the Waxaholics! These guys are still, doing all of that Today! It’s a Rare thing! Not many do this type of thing these days. They are definitely keeping Vinyl Alive! It’s so Dope and So Fresh! More over... it’s in the City Of Houston! I love those guys!

Happy Anniversary fellas! 🙌🏻
— @Dj_MainEvent
Waxaholic Thursdays. Where the hell do I start? Lol! Folks don’t know but Kels and I attended our first Waxaholic Thursday celebrating her bday in 2015. It wasn’t as big as it is now but boy when the word got out, shit changed IMMEDIATELY! Especially with the themed hip hop nights showing love to our fav artists and pioneers. Waxaholic Thursday’s for me was a way to release and be around folks with dope energy. Always love. A weekly getaway. Anyone ask me what to do on a Thursday and I’m sending them straight there. 3718 Main Street. Get out there and catch those good vibes. I’m proud of where you guys started and so so proud of where you are today. Leaving a lasting impression on the city. Thank you for all the good times. Here’s to many more years to come. ♥️
— @tayLOVEjones
I recently read a quote somewhere (ok, it was Twitter) that said that being an influencer is so much more than who knows your name, it’s about the kind of community you create through your work. Now, if that doesn’t remind you of a tall bearded dude and his crew who helped revive the art of DJing in this city then you need to adjust your Thursday night plans. The Waxaholics have given us hip hop heads a home and a community for us to build on. Many of us can navigate Alley Kat with our eyes closed simply because the Waxaholics made it the motherboard. From their philanthropic efforts to the unwavering support they’ve shown the Houston creative community, we see exactly what it means to pour into what you love. So whether you’ve woken up on Friday with a hoarse voice from rapping along to an amazing DJ set or set aside some time on a rainy Saturday in August post Harvey to help, you know what a tremendous influence this team has had on this city. I am thankful for the day I walked through those doors. This community has given me not only a sense of self from meeting so many others who share the same passion for Hip Hop but it has inspired me to get up and contribute to this city I hold close to my heart. And that is what happens when you build something bigger than yourselves. Congratulations to the Waxaholics on 6 years! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Forreal.
— @YOOitsmerr
Rican, Demo and Los are not only 3 of the best DJs I know but they’re also awesome people. What they have built is nothing short of amazing. They have cultivated events to where no matter if its Alley Kat, Fox or Double Cross You know you’re going to be moving and grooving. You know you’re going to run into friends, old and new. You know there’s someone passing around shots! LOL You just know you’re going to have a good ass time. And I can request A Tribe Called Quest without being judged so, hey.
— @JoeyDStar
The reason I like the waxaholics events, are simply, the music is always good, the drinks are affordable and they bring the women out and we don’t have to get super fly to enjoy yourself.. its perfect for someone like me who wants to go out but doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of regular clubs.
— @RobGullatte
A Waxaholic party essentially is the VIP section minus the other section. If you enjoy partying without crowd hierarchy, sparklers and strange dress codes look no further. Of course music has transitioned into a digital platform these days but there is great value in nostalgia. A DJ that has to crate dig on weekends to keep his set fresh versus clicking download brings a better texture to any party atmosphere.

When promoters think transactional over brand they tend to do the cattle call marketing, where they utilize radio, bottle girls and 20 other promoters they may or may not know to spread the word, which just fills the building up with bodies. A Waxaholic party at core are loved ones and they spread the word to there loved ones and so on and so forth. Now you have a building full of positive energy and that’s how I prefer my Thursday evenings.

May there be many many more Wax anniversaries to come 🙏🏾
— @CoreighTerry
The reason I fuck with The Waxaholics is simple. Talent, skill and innovation aside, I call them friends first. All individually talented in their own right, they’ve managed to seamlessly combine like Voltron. They’re stoicism when it comes to maintaining their makes them leaders and their events make them exemplary humans. Name one place where they aren’t taking care of their patrons and I will guarantee it’s not their party.
— @Yves265
My first appreciation for the Waxaholics came thru shared interest for hip hop culture, vinyl, and crate digging. But now it’s grown beyond that. I get a sensation reminiscent of frisson - a French word meaning “aesthetic chill” damn near every time we link up. Because it’s more than just good music, genuine people and dope vibes. It’s the goosebumps you get when your song starts playing and you have no choice but to “go with your move” after a long ass week. It’s that feeling when I’m living in the moment - with old friends I’ll cherish for life while meeting new ones in the process. It’s always my type of party.
Great music, better people!.... To know them is to love them…. Before we were fam, they treated me like fam…. From the first party/event I attended featuring them, to the first time we met individually, it has always been love!.... The way they treat you is love…. The way they party is love…. The music they play is love…. Not only are they good at what they do, but they are better people…. And to be real, they are great at what they do!.... The mixes are masterful, they always have it jumpin, and the people they bring out are of the same ilk…. I mean, the only bad thing I can say about them is the year’s first Grande got shut down lol!....

If you ain’t down, I highly recommend it; and if you don’t know, well, you know the rest!.... It has been a pleasure over the years to have gotten to know them!.... Congratulations on 6 years and much love fam!
— @abstract_silence
The waxaholics, sounds like a great ass name for a group of people. That was my first thought when I first heard of these so called good dj’s. I was pretty skeptical about attending Alley Kat, but I was in a weird place in life and I kind of needed a new type of scenery. I was invited out on a Thursday to come and experience the weekly vinyl party. Didn’t really want to go because of work the next morning. I figured I’d make the best of it. Immediately upon arrival I was hit with an intoxicating vibe. People of all ages grooving to music I used to enjoy as a child. People of all colors gathered for the love of hip-hop. Drinks were mixed in and I ended up having the night of my life. I also heard music from the 90s that I had never heard before and that made me feel as if I were in a time machine. Felt like I was in the boroughs of NYC or in a low rider on the west, during what ppl may see as a turning point in hip-hop. Every time I attend I’m hit with a great amount of nostalgia. Waxaholics allow me to live in a past era as an adult with this party. Instantly was on my mind to hit this party every Thursday I’m free, and bring as many friends as I can. This is something every lover of hip-hop should experience. Then I found out about wax Wednesdays, a radio show with these guys. Just like the party the show is just as amazing. Consistently great tunes being played with the occasional oldie you never knew you needed to hear. One more thing, all the Waxaholics are great, but Reeks can really rock a party. I’ve never been let down by their playlist and that’s why I fucks with the WAXAHOLICS.
— @_freshprynce_

Happy Anniversay, DJ BigReeks, DJ Demo, DJ Losty Los, SayBlk, Tony Dark, Ozzie Esco and any and everyone who has found themselves part of the wonderful world of The Waxaholics.