Khalid Is Everyone's Favorite "American Teen"

Nineteen year old El Paso native, Khalid released his debut album "American Teen" this week and listen, it is amazing.

After captivating the hearts of every teenage girl and probably a few of their mothers over the past year, partially due to his hit single Location, (which is one of the best songs released in years) Khalid gave the world a 15 track album airing out feelings of love, loss, angst, insecurity and most of all pride. I must admit that the second I heard Location, I was a fan. A "put your poster on my wall" level fan. Also, my 7 year old son knows every word to the song, quite the stamp of approval. There are no words to express the immense amount of talent that Khalid possesses at such a young age. From the opening, title track to the very last word on the album, Khalid's smooth, soulful vocals accompanied by immaculate instrumentation are enough to make anyone with a heart swoon. 

Speaking of swooning, aside from creating an absolutely perfect album, Khalid recently went on tour just before the release and I witnessed the greatest display of swooning from fans since The Beatles. If you missed it, I am truly sorry. While I will spare you a lengthy concert recap, it must be said that every second of Khalid's stop at The Bronze Peacock at The House of Blues in Houston (along with Wolfe de Mƈhls) was an example of what every concert, ever should feel like. During the show he performed the then unreleased Young Dumb & Broke from "American Teen" along with his previously released singles LocationSaved and a personal favorite Let's Go. Khalid and his band also did a cover of Frank Ocean's Lost that I am starting a petition to have released to the public. 

I digress. Back to the album.

Stand Out Tracks (aside from Location because, duh.)
Young Dumb & Broke
Let's Go

Go check out Khalid's "American Teen" on all streaming mediums. Seriously. No accolades or fancy descriptions can convey how great this album is. 
Buy a hard copy.
Go see him next time he is in your city. 

All photos (excluding "American Teen" album cover) are courtesy of Jarele Taylor Photography.