KJ Presents: 4 The People

Kyle McClue - better known as KJ - has put together an event that combines all the comfort of a kickback with the greatness of a multi-stage. festival type concert.

With a DOPE lineup of performers and more, we thought that KJ could explain the event a little better than we could. KJ took some time to chat with us about his upcoming event "4 The People", details below and we hope to see you there! 

When: Saturday, June 24 - 8:00pm

Where: Avant Garden - 411 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77006

Hustlegrade: Who is involved with 4 The People? (brands, people, etc)

KJ: 4 The People will have performances by Watts, Eros, Erva Carter, St. Evie, Frankithejew, J-Wall, Twizz, Hot Peez, and N The Clouds. DJ Vic- G and Enrique will be DJing throughout the night. 

The creation, planning and organization was done by me, but I can't do it alone. During the event, a number of my friends will be volunteering and helping with such things as working admissions and managing stage setup for the artists.

HG: How did you choose the performance lineup?

KJ: Some of the artists I have worked with in the past for previous events such as J Wall (who was a host for a past event I helped organized called The Art Sound Off) and St. Evie (formerly Del Sur) was a background band for an event I organized call the The Rooftop Jam Session so I was familiar with their work. Other artists, I've had previous friendships with such as Eros and Watts. The other artists were either recommended or I've seen them perform and reached out to them. I'm pretty active as far as discovering new music so I'm always going to shows and asking around. 

HG: What should attendees expect when they get to 4 The People?

KJ: A fun atmosphere filled with good music, dancing, and just an overall good time. I want to create a space of comfort and nostalgia like when you're having a party or kickback among friends. Then, throw in some live performance by a few of the top musical talents in the city. 

HG: Tell us more about Congo Square and how/why it inspired you to create 4 The People...

KJ: I like to reference history and historical events to come up with the name, story, and vibe of the events I organize. In short, during slavery in Louisiana under Spanish and French rule, slaves were allowed Sundays off and able to freely congregate in Congo Square in New Orleans. These gatherings were known to be filled with music, dancing, and other festivities. Congo Square is accredited for producing the origins of New Orleans music and even jazz. Being from New Orleans, it's kind of like a tribute to my roots but also shows how powerful events and festivals can be to a people, community, and even a city. Thus, the #4 represents the "square" in Congo Square, equality, and freedom. Thank God we are no longer in slavery but people are still always in search of outlets and freedom from their daily struggles, work week, etc. 

HG: How can people be involved with you and events such as 4 The People in the future?

KJ: They can follow me across major social medias: Facebook- Kyle McClue, Instagram and twitter- k_mcclue, and Snapchat- (k-dapriorities). I'm always open to meet with people who like to help or be involved in some capacity would it be volunteering, performing, etc. I'm just a quick message away. I'm a pretty accessible person so I normally respond to messages I receive on my social media pages- preferably Instagram. 

Make sure you keep up with KJ and his future endeavors.

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