You Can "Trust In Banko", Thanks to Rocky Banks

Ready for a story? Great. A couple of years ago, I saw Rocky Banks perform at a live showcase series called "The Indie Exclusive" hosted by OneHunnidt. Between the quality of his music and his undeniable stage presence, Rocky Banks instantly became one of my favorite new artists.

In February 2017, Rocky Banks released "Trust In Banko" featuring 47 minutes of pure greatness. While he previous release "In Other News, I Don't Do Drugs Anymore" was a glimpse into the potential the young artist harnesses, "Trust In Banko" is the realization of that potential in music form. A few Houston based artists lend a hand in the masterpiece that is "Trust In Banko" including Big Brandon Willis, Tony Amaru, BeeHoney, Mufasa Enzor and more. 

Teetering between absolute self-confidence and unavoidable self-doubt, Banks takes listeners through every emotion possible on "Trust In Banko". It seems that Rocky Banks has found himself somewhere along the way and I can guarantee there is no stopping him now. 

"Trust In Banko" highlights Rocky Banks' uncanny ability to transition between straight bars and smooth harmonies. Also, the track K.Y.H.U. happens to feature one of my favorite moments in music history. I honestly cannot wait to see him perform tracks from this album live. 

Stand Out Tracks
The Fam ft. Big Brandon Willis & Tony Amaru
Comfortable (Skin)
Yellow Hearts
Hi & Bye

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