Riding With the King, Remembered In Time - @BigKRIT Review Series Part 7 with @JBrownSugaa

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We kicked off our year end album reviews with a week long series focused exclusively on Big K.R.I.T.'s latest release "4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time".

If you have not heard "4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time" yet, go take a listen!

In case you are just joining us, parts one through four of our "4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time" review series are ALL must reads and come with a huge thanks to some of our favorite writers; D Juan WaltonJoe Coad IIBradford J. Howard and Ronnie Harris. There was no better way to begin closing out the all Big K.R.I.T. everything portion of our year end wrap up than with Hustlegrade's own resident K.R.I.T. stans; Kels (read her review, here), Merique (you need to read hers, too) and Justina.

 Photo: Izzar Thomas

Photo: Izzar Thomas

Justina Hay is one of our Hustlegrade founders, lover of all things creative and just a really dope individual. She's very important. She has many leather bound books and her apartment smells of rich mahogany. 

Read Justina's  thoughts on "4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time", below! 

As an avid fan of Big K.R.I.T. I grew a bit apprehensive when he went on hiatus a year after his last project “12 for 12” was released. It was so unlike him to not feed his starving fans, he rarely missed an opportunity to do so. You can only imagine my excitement when “4Eva Is a Mighty Long Time” was announced. 

October 27th I spent an unhealthy amount of time at work anxiously staring at the clock ready to listen to the double-disc album I’ve been unknowingly waiting for. My favorite place to listen to a new project has always been in my car. If you’ve ever seen me riding around in my red Kia Soul blasting music at obnoxiously loud levels, I’m most likely listening to a new album or some 90s R&B. As I drove out of the parking lot onto Westheimer his self-titled “Big K.R.I.T.” began to play. I made sure to drive the scenic route to ensure I’d get the chance to enjoy every minute of the double album. Disc 1 consisted mostly of a hard knockin, southern slang spittin, shittalkin K.R.I.T. It was as if he compiled all of his mixtapes into 11 songs. “Confetti” and “Aux Cord” were two of the more vibed out tracks on Disc 1 that I gravitated most to. “Confetti’s” electric guitar accompaniment complimented his mean ass hook, while “Aux Cord” was a trippy percussion-soaked track with a hook I was all too acquainted with while riding with friends “Just pass the aux chord.” My favorite track from Disk 1 was “Subenstein” (My Sub IV). Like the other “My Sub’s” the track started off with heavy hitting bass, that if I still had my 12’s in my trunk would’ve shook the whole block. He surprisingly switches up the entire track with a smooth transition which also happens to be my favorite part of the song. To me K.R.I.T. has always had a good quality singing voice not only can hold a note; he has mastered making his voice melodic. 


A horn honks, and startles me as I transition into Disc 2. Luckily the traffic is thick on Westheimer and this is the only time I don’t mind being stuck in it. The second disc is mostly made up of tracks accompanied by more instruments and vocals, as Justin Scott introduces himself on this portion of the double disk album. He displays more transparency in the battles he faces through the tracks on Disc 2. “Mixed Messages”,where he confesses about fighting off temptation, I really enjoyed mainly because of his extreme openness. “Keep the Devil Off” was another 70s inspired, funky, and soulful track that I thoroughly enjoyed; because only K.R.I.T. is capable of blending different eras and genres to create a mind blowing song like this. 

At a red light I glanced down and noticed that Jill Scott had a feature on “Higher Calling.” Jill Scott is one of my favorite singers so I just knew that a song with Justin Scott would be magical, and I gladly was not let down. Aside from Jill Scott serenading us with her heavenly voice on the hook, I appreciated how Justin Scott effortlessly floats over the groovy track adjusting his cadence as the song changes. 

As I finally pulled up to my building I thought to myself how proud I am of “4eva Is a Mighty Long Time.” I say proud because I’ve always admired Big K.R.I.T. for being an incredible artist with an impeccable work ethic. I admire him even more now because despite the adversity and finally getting the recognition he rightfully deserves, you can witness his growth as an artist and a man throughout his double-disc album.



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