Salma Ekambi Presents: The Black History Project

In order to accurately express the premise of and story behind The Black History Project, Hustlegrade invited the creator Salma Ekambi to give you you the rundown in her own words...

The Black History Project was originally a small, simple idea about celebrating the things our peers within the diaspora are doing in the modern day as opposed to the regurgitated Black History Month narrative we consume annually. Having produced several types of events over the years, I've always understood that people would rather be entertained than informed. So I took a risk but once we opened the floor up to discussions about topics that effect the community and shape the culture, the event took on a whole new wave. It became this super controversial dialogue that patrons began to look forward to with opposing views and really interesting perspectives on pop culture and our future as a race.  

Everyone is welcomed to come and share their thoughts and solutions for progress as a human race. I could never truly express how grateful I am for the continued support. I know that my purpose in doing this is to facilitate this dialogue and help people realize that they have more in common than they realize. 

When I first started doing this, I didn't expect any type of negative feedback or criticism from the community or the creatives of the city. But when producing an event of this nature, it's only right to expect some bad to come with the good. Everybody wants to be heard and everyone wants to know what to do. So I do my best to take the constructive criticisms and level up every year with a fresh panel, new topics, and solution based dialogue to take with you and implement for progression within your chosen fields and the community. 


After three years and a lot of adversity, we made it to #BHP4! This year was definitely the best installment of The Black History Project yet!  I persisted and ultimately ended up being able to produce the event at the Houston Museum of African American Culture and all the positive feedback has been borderline overwhelming. We were able to expose this amazing museum to an audience that hadn't even realized that the building existed! So huge shout out to them and be sure to visit and make a donation or two! 

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-Salma Ekambi

All photos courtesy of Fred Agho
IG: @fredagho
Twitter: @fbaindmix