The Library: Joe Hova's Artist Advice @joehovasmf

Anyone who doesn't understand the benefit of Twitter is not using it right. A little while back, some tweets crossed paths and Joe Hova came across my timeline. Blah, blah, Joe is dope. Not only does Joe post and support a lot of great indie music from his website,, he also utilizes his platform and experience to offer advice to artists.

Joe Hova is currently based in Orlando, Florida by way of Indiana and Georgia. His radio career and his current social media expertise has taken him to multiple states where he has worked with multiple artists. Joe Hova's Mindframe covers artists from New York all the way to California.

Whether you are looking to tweak your social media approach as an artist or figure out a unique way to market yourself, Joe Hova's Mindframe provides useful, if not priceless, advice. Two very important things that separate what Joe is doing from similar outlets; he genuinely appreciates artists and his advice comes from real world experience. While I am not here to give you Joe's resumé, he has been successful in different realms of the industry including radio, journalism and more. Management, curators and artists alike can utilize the advice that Joe offers on his website. For listeners, Joe Hova's Mindframe is a great place to check out new music and find ways to support indie artists.

Below are some of what I believe are the most beneficial pieces of advice found on Joe Hova's Mindframe. 

These are just a few of the dope articles regarding artist advice on Joe Hova's Mindframe. In addition to his advice columns, Joe takes to Periscope every once in awhile and drops some music industry gems. As if that were not enough, occasionally you can catch Joe giving out great advice on Twitter. While you are at it, keep up with Joe and all the cool stuff he does via Facebook, and Instagram