Appropriately Waste Some Time with @ThingsWithTodd

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An array of reality series has all but taken over television programming; and while that does not seem likely to change anytime soon, few of them offer any content of substance; Things With Todd isn't any different. 

Just kidding. Well, kind of. Instead of inundating viewers with housewife drama or overly personal takes on almost-celebrities, Things With Todd offers a fresh approach to a reality series that is really just, things.

On October 6, Todd & Tubo of Evesborough Creative Agency (the guys in the picture above) hosted a viewing party for the release of their web series, Things With Todd. Complete with libations and dope music (DJ BigReeks of The Waxaholics never disappoints), Things With Todd was introduced to the world with a bang.


Such preparation and confidence in their creation is both warranted and appreciated; the sheer amount of time put into the planning and execution of Things With Todd is impressive. And the final product reflects such. Viewing the completed episodes of Things With Todd for the first time on a large screen in a room full of people made it all the more exciting. And dope. It should also be mentioned that the collaborative merchandise line between Things With Todd and Sole Purposedesigned by Dobale, (pictured above) sold out in no time. I got one and it is really fire, they are restocking, so get one.

 Photo Courtesy of  The Effortless

Photo Courtesy of The Effortless

Ultimately I want to do more collaborations with brands like we did with Sole Purpose, and have a different theme each time. We plan on doing something before the year ends.
— Todd

Photos courtesy of the.odiwams

All of that being said, the catalyst here is Things With Todd (TWT) and how dope it is, as a series. From the perfectly placed advertisements to the content and cinematography. After seeing what has been released and hearing a bit about what Todd and Tubo have in the works, Things With Todd has the potential to be a game changer. Two episodes of TWT are currently available via

It may or may not look like the PornHub website. It’s really a simple website, straight to the videos.
— Todd

Hustlegrade got the chance to talk about things, with Todd regarding Things With Todd. Here is what we came up with... 

First, take a few minutes to watch the trailers and promotional videos for Things wIth Todd before venturing to the complete episodes, it adds to the experience.

I am overly critical, it’s been over two years and we have only released two episodes. Now that we have a formula and a better idea of what we want to do.
— Todd

Hustlegrade: How many episodes do you have completely done?

Todd Louis: 3. The Le$ episode, the rabbit one with the chef (Mike Nutt) and the one with Drew, from the band (We Were Wolves).

HG: When did you record those?

TL: The rabbit one, we recorded last May. (2016) And the SLAB episode we did June 29 of this year. The one with Drew, we started on that one a year ago and then stopped and picked back up on it. His beard and hair just happened to be the same length.

HG: What made you decide to start Things With Todd?

TL: Me and Tubo were at the crib smoking and when he comes over I make him watch the stupidest shit. A lot of Adult Swim, just some dark humor type stuff. One night I said "you have a camera, you know how to edit. I'm kind of funny and I work at a bar so, we have access to places." We decided if we really wanted to do this we could contact some people and make it happen. Everything really just started as trial and error. We recorded an entire episode that we just scrapped, at this place called Low Brow. Complete scrapped it.

HG: Why?

TL: Because it was stupid! But it was just walking into a restaurant with cameras and that's still what we do now but, that was the first time.

HG: How do you decide on the format and content of the episodes?

TL: It's really just whatever happens. We have this formula where we shoot a lot and then put a lot of the emphasis on editing. If I can say seven funny things we can just edit them really close together and make it seem like I said a lot of funny things. Then it's like whoa this guy is really killing it in this 8 minute episode. If you're watching it, like the raw footage, it's mostly awkward.

The formula we have is mostly used on the editing side, the actual recording part of it is always just going to happen as it happens.
— Todd

"The Rabbit and I", pilot episode of TWT, finds Todd discussing his work out routine (Misfit Strength and Conditioning was spotted), calling Tubo tiny and on a search for french fries at a French restaurant, only to end up cleaning rabbit with Chef Mike Nutt, who was executive chef of Brasserie Max & Julie at the time. One of Todd's first questions for Nutt was "what is your favorite direction to look?", so honestly how can you not love the show, already? Also there's a Mr T. PSA about not doing drugs, perfectly placed. Just go watch it.

TL: "The original name was no veggies because we were going to make it a cooking show and I may or may not like vegetables that much. Broccoli or spinach. Maybe some fried brussel sprouts with bacon jam. But yeah, I wanted to do more than just food."

In true Houston form, the second episode of TWT is "Gorilla Pokes & Beer" featuring Le$ as well as Doughbeezy and Slim Thug. There's Boss beer, jokes and a slab show. Somewhere mixed in is the Cecil Myers' "Dealer with a Heart" rap and O.J. Simpson Hertz commercial, why haven't you watched this yet? Seriously. At some point everyone's camera died so make sure you watch it to the end.

TL: "I always wanted to ask "would your rather come through or come down?" and that interview with Slim Thug wasn't even planned. We were just at 8th Wonder with Le$, a camera and some mics attached to us and he asked if we wanted to interview Slim. I didn't have anything prepared it was just, boom let's do this right now."

HG: The part where you tell Slim Thug that you and him basically came up the same was hilarious, by the way. 

TL: Crazy thing is. my parents did NOT get that joke. I'm from Beaumont, I come from a family where my parents were stern, they're like the Huxtbables. They never really understood my sense of humor. Well, I really never exerted a sense of humor around them, it was just yes sir, no sir. So my parents and family pretty much got slapped in the face with everything. "Whoa, my son smokes weed and public and drinks beer and curses?" It's cool though, now. I waited until the last minute, this was all within the last few weeks. Hey, what's up guys? Smokin pot, everyday. My mom told me "you know my pastor's on TV!" Maybe I should change my Facebook profile settings."

 Photo courtesy of  the.odiwams

Photo courtesy of the.odiwams

 Photo courtesy of  the.odiwams

Photo courtesy of the.odiwams

HG: Do y'all have any specific topics or events in mind that you want to focus on with the show?

TL: Oh it's whatever the fuck, I don't care. It just has to look good on camera. as long as it's cinematically cool and I'm not doing some super weirdo shit then, yeah

HG: And how do y'all decide on topics, generally?

TL: If the idea isn't funny to me and Tubo, we don't go with it. The ideas are so natural, for the next thing we are recording it's going to be at the Butcher's Ball in Brenham. It's some real Texas barbecue shit. It's a real organic situation, we aren't forcing any ideas and we aren't forcing interactions. That's why I reached out to Le$ from the beginning, he was a phone call away and he was down for it.


HG: In one sentence what would you say that Things With Todd is?

TL: An appropriate waste of time.


The accuracy of Todd's explanation of Things With Todd is as spot on as the web series itself. Keep up with Things With Todd via social media for the latest updates.

And go watch the series. Over and over.