"Turn Up 4 A Bag" With Hogg Booma


Usually a project with 16 tracks loses me halfway through. On the contrary, Hogg Booma's most recent release "Turn Up 4 A Bag" not only kept my attention throughout it's entirety, it jammed the whole way through. Quite a feat. 

To be completely honest, trap music and the like fell off of my radar a long time ago but Hogg Booma brings such an authentic, southern version of what may be classified as trap music with "Turn Up 4 A Bag", his spot in the music industry is undeniable. Hailing from Bay City, Texas, Hogg Booma lends a new sound that is purely his own. "Turn Up 4 A Bag" is filled with raw emotion, including confessions of a gambling addiction, family woes and a whole lot of stuntin. I mean, what else do you need? If nothing else convinces you to listen, it sounds really damn good. Period. 

Approach "Turn Up 4 A Bag" with an open mind and an inclination to enjoy yourself. Hogg Booma is well on his way to stardom, if he keeps making music like this. 

Stand Out Tracks
Run Up My Bag
Watch Me Shine
On The Road

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