Who is Erva Carter?

You may not be familiar with Erva Carter but, now is the time to get to know her. The 24-year-old singer will be a force in the music industry before you know it.

A Texas girl whose biggest inspiration is none other than Beyoncé , Erva moved to Houston from Beaumont about 7 years ago with the goal of focusing on her studies at the University of Houston and pursuing music on the side. Later she discovered that college was not her calling. Instead, all signs pointed to music. Now, with two years of recording under her belt, Erva is coming in to her own as an artist.

I should just focus on my true passion rather than putting energy into something that I was pursuing to impress other people. 
— Erva Carter regarding her decision to leave school and pursue music

Along with Beyoncé, Erva takes inspiration from the legendary Sade; two women that provide the perfect combination of fire and smoothness that create the perfect balance Erva aims to exude in her music as well as in her life. After hearing Erva’s song, “Magic”, I was sold. “Magic” also happens to be Erva's favorite song to perform, and trust me you HAVE to see her perform this song live. In fact, Erva has 3 shows lined up that you can find on our events calendar! She is currently recording more musical greatness, quietly and plans on releasing what she refers to as “something special”, I don’t know about y’all but I am pretty damn excited to see what she has up her sleeve! 

We asked Erva what one track she would recommend to first time listeners and she was very direct and definitive in picking "WWD", a fierce, emotional track filled with her strong vocals and plenty of personality. As far as what Erva has on her playlist currently, it includes a lot of Javonte, James Fauntleroy, H.E.R. and some Major Lazer & Sia to fulfill her love of pop music. Most recently, "Drew Barrymore" by SZA is a go-to for Erva’s listening pleasures.

I’m also about girl power, and my “Not Here” track goes into that but I’ll be putting out more of that sound too! 
— Erva Carter regarding her style of music

As a fan, Erva’s music comes across so genuinely emotional that it is impossible to overlook. After asking her to describe her style of music, the description fits the sound she conveys like a glove; “lyrical and true to real life emotions.” Erva writes from a perspective of sharing experiences whether they are her own or those of others. Lyrically, she paints a picture that allows listeners to get lost in their own imaginations and feel any and every emotion possible.

Again, now is the time to put Erva Carter on your radar, she is here to stay.

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