Why You Should Be At NDSTRY NGHT

 In December 2016 Houston native Donnie Houston started NDSTRY NGHT after spending time living in Atlanta and taking heed of the actions their music community takes to stay relevant in the industry and continue to put out new, successful artists. The weekly, open forum event aims to create a legitimate platform for up and coming artists.

Donnie Houston, Jett I Masttyr, Marcus Roquemore and most recently, Paul Wall have come together to provide a space (located at Trahan's Wings & Daiquiris - 3991 S. Gessner Rd.) for artists to network, perform, get their music heard and even the chance to win a trip to perform in Atlanta, which happens to be one of the top markets in music. Currently, the event focuses on hip hop artists but anyone can come perform or get their music played at NDSTRY NGHT.

My goal is to have the next class of new Houston artists come from NDSTRY NGHT.
— Donnie Houston

More and more artists are learning about NDSTRY NGHT and attendance is steadily growing each week. Aside from the platform the event offers, the networking opportunities are invaluable. Many artists that met at NDSTRY NGHT have started collaborating with each other and cross marketing their fan-bases, an outcome that Donnie Houston intended to happen from the beginning.

Artists, NDSTRY NGHT is for you. Take a Wednesday night, bring your music and be prepared to network. Show up early (8pm) to submit your music. Email hb

Industry folks, there is an amazing amount of talent right here in our city and NDSTRY NGHT showcases it weekly.

Fans, you may find your new favorite artist at NDSTRY NGHT. 

All photos courtesy of Directed by Tazer