Year In Review: "Flower Boy" by @tylerthecreator

2017’s cup runneth over with good music, of all kinds. From fun to enlightening. From singing to rapping.
From our hometown to yours and everywhere in between, we are dedicating the month of December to reviewing and reflecting on the music that helped make this year so important.

I have never been a huge fan of Tyler The Creator. Of course I have heard the occasional song here and there, but for some reason I never paid much attention.

Now, thanks to “Flower Boy”, for the first time I have fallen in love with one of his albums.

Find some time.
Find some time.
To do something.
— -Boredom

Discovering “Flower Boy” was purely accidental, thanks to an episode of Insecure - one of my favorite shows. At one point Kelli (played by Natasha Rothwell) hilariously attempts to run a marathon when all the sudden in the background I hear “Find some time, find some time to do something.”

Instantly, it became my ear worm. That one line, that one melody. Playing over and over in my mind. I even sang it out loud a time or two, at one point I said "ok Joan, that’s enough" and took my top notch Shazam skills back to the episode in search of that ear worm.

That ear worm, the song that led me to Tyler The Creator, was Boredom featuring Rex Orange County and Corrine Bailey Rae.

From there I found the album," Flower Boy" or "Scum Fuck Flower Boy", if you’re a real fan. A real fan like me. I’m a real fan now.

There he was, Tyler the Creator. As soon as I made the connection and went back to the song a couple times I thought “ok, that was nice.” Honestly, I am such a fan of "Flower Boy". A fan of every part of it. I am a fan sonically, emotionally ...just period.

The album is melodic and even tranquil at times, something I never expected to hear from Tyler The Creator. I still haven’t taken "Flower Boy" out of my rotation. Everyday I listen. Backwards and forwards. And everyday it feels as if I am discovering it all over again. I like to think it’s a pretty cool story that one of my favorite shows lead me to one of my favorite albums of the year.

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