Hustlegrade Submission Sundays Process

First and foremost we want to show an immense amount of appreciation to every artist who has submitted to our website; thank you for sharing your art with us.

PLEASE keep sending your art to

To clarify, we want art of all kinds; there are no limits to what Hustlegrade wants to post and support.

That being said, this post is specifically intended to clarify our submissions process as well as the format for Hustlegrade’s Submission Sundays LIVE events.

So, here we go.

(By the way, we are going to carry on henceforth like June is the beginning of Submission Sundays… Don’t hit us like “but last month..”, stop living in the past, ok?)

When we started Submission Sundays it was our way of sharing the creative dopeness we receive. Hustlegrade limits submission posts to once weekly. The purpose behind this is to allow a space for underground/independent artists’ music to have a platform without inundating our audience with overwhelming amounts of content. It is our belief that a specific place and time for submissions to be posted offers optimum visibility and benefit for the artists.

Submission Sundays via Consideration Process

To keep things current and eliminate any bias, Hustlegrade will be considering submissions monthly. For example, submissions we receive in June will be considered for posting on the website ONLY in the month of June. (Due to calendars and dates and blah blah, music submitted after the LAST SUNDAY of any month will be considered with the following month’s submissions)

Here is a date breakdown: if you submit (or have submitted) to Hustlegrade between June 1 and June 25, your submission is considered as part of June submissions. If you submit anywhere between June 25 and July 30, your submissions will be considered as part of July submissions. And so on, and so forth.

Hustlegrade clears ALL submissions at the end of every month, each new month is essentially a blank slate. If you submit and do not get posted (or if you submit and do get posted, hell) feel free to submit new content as often as you would like.

Ok now let’s talk about the live shows…

#SubmissionSundaysLIVE Consideration Process

Hustlegrade is excited and more than thankful for the opportunity to bring our Submission Sundays content to the stage with #SubmissionSundaysLIVE

While we would love to put each and every artist on a stage that we post on our website, logistically this is impossible (for now, at least). As a team we have worked to put a process into place that is both fair to artists and aligned with Hustlegrade’s mission statement and vision.

Submission Sundays LIVE performers are chosen monthly. All artists posted via as part of Submission Sundays are automatically considered to perform at the live show. As a team, we list every artist posted throughout the month and take a vote, choosing 4 artists to perform each month.

Due to the necessity of preparing for a live show, the date breakdown is a LITTLE different than the posting process. To ensure an organized and well put together live show, we must cut off considerations for the live show THE MONDAY BEFORE #SubmissionSundaysLIVE, each month.

Here is a date breakdown: if your art is posted to between June 1 and June 18, you are considered for performance in June. If your art is posted between June 25 and July 24, your submissions will be considered for performance in July. And so on, and so forth.

Is that confusing? No? Ok.
We will update everyone monthly with submission deadlines, etc. Because we love you. You’re welcome.


Hustlegrade currently hosts the only STRICTLY submission based live show in Houston (possibly in the world, Craig) and in order to ensure our processes are on the up and up, music submitted outside of the aforementioned cannot be considered.

If ANY of this doesn’t make sense and you are serious about submitting/performing, contact Kels via email

Again, thank you for being dope and keep sending us all of your amazing art!

Oh and check back later today for our newest Submission Sundays post!