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TAME, The Aspiring Me - Glow

Remember everybody who told you that you were going to be broke? Thanks to TAME, The Aspiring Me and his newest release Glow, you have something to share with them. The Houston native mixes his relentless energy and lyricism with laid back, wavy production for the perfect "A-HA, I win" track. Take some time to appreciate your own glow and use TAME's Glow for your soundtrack. 

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Listen: TAME, The Aspiring Me - Glow 

Terrance Brown - Rydah

Terrance Brown seems to be perfecting a completely new sound that represents what comes from classic Louisiana bounce influence and a young, fresh rock star lifestyle. Brown's newest release Rydah is the first single from his upcoming album TRAPSLAPS which is sure to catch everyone's attention. Word is that TRAPSLAPS will include production from Zaytoven, Spaceghost, Terrance Brown himself and more.  Rydah is a daunting, slow track that somehow makes you want to flips tables and what not. While Brown does some syrupy singing on Rydah, he takes plenty of time to flex his lyrical abilities as well.

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Listen: Terrance Brown - Rydah

LeRoi $inatra - Never Falling Again

Ok so, do y'all want bars? Here. Come get them. Houston artist LeRoi $inatra provides all the bars on Never Falling Again. This emotionally transparent track deserves at least 3 or 4 back to back plays, right now. Somewhere between sheer bravado and introspection you will find LeRoi $inatra and Never Falling Again. After hearing this one, it is pretty hard to stop yourself from finding more dope music from LeRoi $inatra. Take some time to reflect on reality and talk some shit with Never Falling Again.

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Listen: LeRoi $inatra - Never Falling Again 

NTheClouds - WYCMH

Houston hip-hop duo NTheClouds recently released WYCMH. Along with production from The Others, Boi Dru and Jay Kell go back and forth showing the different perspectives of the communication decisions everyone seems to make when they are under the influence. Whether you are making or receiving that kind of call, WYCMH will get your attention and probably hit a couple nerves because, accuracy. Either way, WYCMH is a really dope, mood setting track. Here's to hoping you don't get hit with a "new phone, who dis?" anytime soon.

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Listen: NTheClouds - WYCMH

Rob Gullatte - My Own Way 

Rob Gullatte's newest release My Own Way is an "in case you forgot Rob Gullatte can really rap" reminder. My Own Way, the first single off Gullatte's upcoming release "Gullactic Visions" is so Houston and so amazing; not to mention it represents a lyrical walk with Gullatte through some of the times that shaped him as an artist and a person. Possibly the dopest part of My Own Way is the raw honesty that Gullatte left on every second of it. Production, supplied by Donnie Houston, frames Gullatte's intense rapping perfectly. My Own Way is your theme song if you had plenty of chances to conform but chose otherwise. There are also additional vocals from Note on My Own Way and all of it together is perfection. 

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Listen: Rob Gullatte - My Own Way

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