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Laer Aggin x MOJO - Give It Back

The newest release from Laer Aggin and MOJO is the syrupy, trance inducing Give It Back. Perfect for a night of turning up or hitting a smooth shoulder shimmy in the bathroom at your house, Bring It Back features a great balance of trap, stunting and some singing.  

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Listen: Laer Aggin x MOJO  Give It Back

Video: Dwayne Keys & A.C. Gutta - Avenue

Take a seat at the Cool Table with Dwayne keys & A.C. Gutta on their latest release, Avenue. While you're at it, make sure you check out the visuals courtesy of Tru Films. The laid back homage to hustling and Houston is everything you need on your summer playlist. Keys and Gutta both flow so naturally over the southern sounding production supplied by A.C. Gutta, himself. It should also be noted that the way that Keys floats on the hook is amazing.

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Watch: Dwayne Keys & A.C. Gutta - Avenue

Flyger Woods x Vonte Heights - See Us

Houston's own Flyger Woods and Vonte Heights came together recently for See Us. The two artists lyrically tackle the reality of being uncompromising black men in today's world. The hard hitting bars and catchy hook alongside Scott FallZ production create the perfect canvas for what some may refer to as a "conscious" rap song; in reality it is simply a stark look at what life really entails. Somewhere betwen turning up and just surviving, you'll find Flyger Woods and Vonte Heights' See Us. 

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Listen: Flyger Woods & Vonte Heights - See Us

Lyssa - Joyride, Who I Be & Sorcery 

From Houston to Atlanta to Los Angeles, Lyssa has been discovering herself and her own unique sound; with the release of "Joyride", "Who I Be" and "Sorcery", Lyssa shows us what she has found. Lyssa uses her captivating vocals to provide an unadulterated look into being an unmovable force, a woman, in a weird world. The three tracks come in preparation for the release of her upcoming EP Feel Me 2. Look forward to more music from Lyssa as she releases new music every Friday as part of her ongoing #FeelMeFridays series. You can get a deeper look into Lyssa and her music via IBTS, her YouTube series. 

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Listen: Lyssa - Joyride

Listen: Lyssa - Sorcery

Listen: Lyssa - Sorcery

Seano Phresh - Toast ft. Jay-Von

Picture My Vision's Seano Phresh recently welcomed a brand new baby into the world, congratulations to him! Perfect timing to his newest track with fellow PMV artist Jay-Von, "Toast". The quick, fun track is laced with the always hard-hitting lyrics from Seano and Von, both. Seano has a unique flow that everyone should definitely take notice of. Check out "Toast" now and enjoy a drink for all the things we forget to be thankful for. Also look out for the Picture My Vision mixtape, hosted by Kels featuring the whole PMV crew!

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Listen: Seano Phresh -Toast ft. Jay-Von

AceKidd - Bounce Back

Sometimes, you have to brag a little bit. That's exactly what the typically humble, introspective AceKidd did on his latest release "Bounce Back". Ace flosses his top notch lyricism atop minimalist production that allows for him to fully flourish. The Houston native channels a true, Houston sound with his own unique style of hip hop. Check out the latest from AceKidd and don't forget that we all can bounce back. 

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Listen: AceKidd - Bounce Back

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