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Sunday, September 24 at Alley Kat Bar & Lounge
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The Summer League Champs Podcast

If you are looking for a podcast that incorporates everything from trending topics and sports to interviews and music reviews. The Summer League Champs Podcast is where it's at. The Houston based collective of host includes a rapper, a photographer, a blogger, a engineer and a sports fanatic; what else do you need? 12 episodes in, The SLC Podcast is brutally honest and touches on such a large myriad of topics that it can be enjoyed by any and everyone.

You can find all the episodes of The Summer League Champs Podcast here.

The latest episode features an artist we consider to be part of the Hustlegrade family, Jay-Von. You can listen to that particular episode below. Enjoy!

Listen: The Summer League Champs Podcast Episode 12: The Jay-Von Show

PDUB - Personal

With only his second official track release, PDUB once again comes with the amazing vocals and raw emotion on "Personal". With production from MikeWill and Jonquel, "Personal" is just that, personal. As hell. The track showcases PDUB's soul shaking crooning and kind of makes me want a bottle of wine. Anyway, words don't do this track justice so, go give it a listen.

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Listen: PDUB - Personal

BreakItDownDC - Bad Habits

First of all, if you haven't heard BreakItDownDC's latest, self-titled album go listen to it NOW! 
Now that we established that, DC recently released "Bad Habits", an ethereal, almost way too honest warning to a woman that she may want to stay away. As he transitions between singing and rapping, DC illustrates a reality that plenty of us deal with.

Keep up with BreakItDownDC on social media and go get "Bad Habits" now. 

Listen: BreakItDownDC - Bad Habits 

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We will be announcing the performance line-up tomorrow for SUBMISSION SUNDAYS LIVE on September 24th; we hope to see you there!