Happy Sunday. You may have thought that we fell off on our commitment to this Submission Sundays life but, how wrong you are. As with all aspects of life, finding more efficient processes is always the goal. So here goes... From now on, Hustlegrade will be posting Submission Sundays ONCE A MONTH, the Sunday before our installment of Submission Sundays LIVE. As soon as the monthly Submission Sundays post is published, our Hustlegrade team will vote on 3-5 artists to perform at Submission Sundays LIVE. 

As before, only music sent to is eligible to be included in Submission Sundays.

Not much has changed except for the frequency of Submission Sundays posts via, and the actual posts will look a bit different than before. We will still go through EVERY submissions email we receive and post the same amount of content as we have in the past, it will just be concentrated into one post per month.

To offer a little more insight, lessening the frequency of Submission Sundays post is going to give our staff more time and ability to curate full articles featuring creatives, those who are included in Submission Sundays and all others. Submission Sundays posts will be succinct and specifically used as a conduit for sharing music we love and getting new music to listeners!

You may notice that our Submission Sundays posts are not as long and detailed before but this is intentional. Hustlegrade will utilize our LOOK and LISTEN pages for more in depth articles regarding some of the content in our Submission Sundays posts! 

We hope all that makes sense, feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like more info!

On to the cool stuff... We are excited to announce our October installment of SUBMISSION SUNDAYS LIVE! will take place on Sunday, October 29 at Alley Kat Bar & Lounge. Mark your calendars, we will announce the lineup in the next day or two! 

Now, on to Volume 17 of SUBMISSION SUNDAYS! (Yes, the layout is a little different, the music is just as good though!!)

Use the arrows to scroll through this month's SUBMISSION SUNDAYS features! If you are viewing on a mobile device, turn your phone sideways to read all about each feature! 
You will find music from Show Louis, O.N.E., Eric Biddines, Anti-Lilly & Phoniks, Picture My Vision Entertainment, Cal Wayne, Kendall, IKE!, Lee-Lonn, Mike Checc and DJ Tru Blu!

Again, thank you for all of your support and come back for a TON of new content we have rolling out.

We are working to provide more and better coverage for all creatives and their art, we will have more posts via our LOOK and LISTEN pages this week featuring some of the artists in this post, and more! If you sent us something and have NOT seen it posted on the website, it may be in the queue for posting outside of our Submissions posts but please send it to us again or contact us directly if you would like! 

Keep sending us your art via 

See you Sunday, October 29 at Alley Kat for SUBMISSION SUNDAYS LIVE!