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Every Sunday, the Hustlegrade staff posts submissions that were sent to our email.
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O.N.E. - At Bay 

Houston's own O.N.E. does some lyrical flexing while throwing out plenty of useful advice on "At Bay". With his smooth southern flow and no holds barred content, O.N.E. has yet to disappoint. This track may not have JUST been released but the words are timeless.

After you enjoy "At Bay", trust us, you will enjoy it, follow O.N.E. on SoundCloud and check out his recent releases!

Listen: O.N.E. - At Bay

RetroKash - Juice

Houston based artist by was of Louisiana, RetroKash recently released Rajun Cajun

Earlier this month RetroKash dropped visuals for "Juice", one of the tracks found on Rajun Cajun. "Juice" is a celebratory, fun cut that visually and sonically pays homage to his hometown. "Juice" is perfect to pre-game or stand on the couch in the club to. Turn it up in your car and remind yourself you got the juice.

Make sure you go check out Rajun Cajun. And honestly, let us all take a moment to appreciate the album artwork, too. Enjoy the video for"Juice" below.

Watch: RetroKash - Juice


This post was originally going to feature BREAKITDOWNDC's newest album Panoramic Pink (which is super dope, go listen to it) but then, the video for "DOCTOR" happened. The visuals, shot and directed by Barf Media, feature a bando and a Breaking Bad level cook house within the first minute. Somebody ends up in a car trunk, it's great.

But on a serious note, the lyricism in "DOCTOR" is great and the dramatic visuals lend to the pretty dark premise of the track. 

After you watch BREAKITDOWNDC's "DOCTOR" video, go listen to Panoramic Pink via iTunes or Spotify


Donny Luche - Front Porch

Port Arthur native Donny Luche released Reconstruction earlier this year and today we wanted to share "Front Porch" with you. 

The soulful production and Luche's classic hip-hop flow come together for the perfect track. "Front Porch" is a dope look into the thoughts running through Luche's head on a day like today, teetering between flaunting self-awareness and vocalizing harsh realities, Luche makes a round thru the entire spectrum of life in this track. And, well it sounds really dope.

After you finish with "Front Porch" (it's okay to listen to it at least 12 times in a row by the way) go check out Reconstruction here

Listen: Donny Luche - Front Porch

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