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"T!M NED" The EP 

Houston based (by way of Ft. Worth) L.O.U.D. Muzik artist T!M NED has a pretty impressive track record; including his newest release T!M NED The EP. It is hard to believe that the self-titled EP is Ned's debut release considering all the work he has done in the industry but, he definitely came out of the gates swinging with this one. With a dope concoction of Houston influence and his own unique flow Ned put together 8 tracks of greatness.

There are some really dope features on T!M NED The EP including Cam Wallace on "Can You Hear Me Now", one of the stand-out tracks. Also, go listen to "My Life" a few times while riding around the city with the windows down and pay homage to Houston without being cliche. Also, "Can't Stop Flexxin" with Fat Pimp should help get you through the summer. There is a Lil' O reference on the album, just go listen to it. Trust me. 

Listen to T!M NED The EP on Spotify. 

Prince Obi - PDUB 

Prince Obi's "PDUB" randomly happened across social media and into our submissions email because, look at God. There is not a whole lot to say about it except, go listen to it. Now. Like right now. "PDUB" is one of those songs that you will find yourself singing throughout the day. Keep an eye on Obi as well, we hear he has some more dopeness up his sleeve!

Listen: Prince Obi - PDUB

J.O. Mairs - WISHES

Mississauga artist J.O. Mairs (FKA Kemikal) dropped some fire with "WISHES". The self-produced track lays a simplistic backdrop perfect for Mairs' quick, hard-hitting flow. There's a great show of personality on "WISHES" as Mairs' seamlessly transitions between cadences and voice inflections. Keep this one on repeat for awhile and check back for new releases from J.O. Mairs; as for us we can't wait to hear more. 


Listen: J.O. Mairs - WISHES or stream via Spotify

Nique - HSATB

"A playlist. Not a mixtape. A playlist." That is how Sunnyside, Houston native Nique describes his newest release HSATB (a little birdy told us it stands for Houston strippers are the best, by the way) 

While HSATB is not an actual mixtape, Nique definitely did not take it easy or hold back on any of the tracks. As a matter of fact, Nique shows impressive progress from his November 2016 release Dazed & Confused, which was a dope project itself. It is pretty obvious that Nique is only getting better as an artist. HSATB is fun but don't take it lightly; each of the 6 tracks hold their weight lyrically and sonically. Long story short, HSATB jams. Go listen to it and watch the video for "Hold Something", one of the stand-out tracks on the playlist. Check out Dazed & Confused as well and keep up with Nique.

Listen: Nique - HSATB

Watch: Nique - Hold Something 

Squalla Saturday with Papa G 

We wrote in depth about Papa G's Squalla Saturday freestyle series in depth, here.

Short recap: Papa is posting freestyles to his SoundCloud every Saturday. It was impossible to choose just one so we decided to get everyone caught up with the latest additions to Squalla Saturday. Enjoy!

Listen: Papa G - Everyday We Lit Freestyle

Listen: Papa G - Lock Jaw Freestyle

Listen: Papa G - Draco Freestyle

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