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Jett I Masstyr - Early Service

Jett I Masstyr is taking everyone to church with his latest instrumental offering, Early Service. The 7 track EP  features a unique combination of soul and gospel that only Jett I Masstyr can create. Influence by his days at Brentwood Baptist Church, Early Service is something to behold. Some dope southern (Houston!!) artists need to get with him about these tracks, so that we may all be blessed two times over. Amen. 
Early Service is available on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, Tidal, Google Play, & more.
Keep up with Jett I Masstyr via social media and listen to Early Service, below. 

Video: My'Key Iso - G.O.M.D. (Iso Version)

My'Key Iso took J. Cole's G.O.M.D. and turned it into something so Houston and so amazing that words don't even do it justice. Aside from the sheer greatness if Iso's flow, the content he conveys in his version of G.O.M.D. is relevant and necessary. As if all that were not enough, the visuals are something to behold. We could go on and on about how dope this track is but we suggest you go watch the video. Now.

Then go follow My'Key Iso on social media and take a listen to his SoundCloud, trust us. 

BreakItDownDC - Black Heart

BreakItDownDC recently released "Panoramic Pink" (which you can find here) and one track, Black Heart is so dope that we wanted to remind everyone.

Somewhere between a love song and a FDB song, Black Heart pairs simple, acoustically perfect production with DC's catchy crooning and lyrics. Pretty much, Black Heart is amazing. Go listen to it.

Follow BreakItDownDC on social media and go get "Panoramic Pink"

Listen: BreakItDownDC - Black Heart 

Video: Izzar Thomas - H.M.O.M.L. ft. Tim Woods

If you are looking for a "summer anthem" or whatever the cool kids call it, Izzar Thomas and Tim Woods came together for H.M.O.M.L. and both the track and the video are perfect for your summertime greatness. 

The visuals, directed by Tazer, are simple enough that everyone can relate and fancy enough that you wish you would have been there when it was filmed. Because life is about balance. H.M.O.M.L. needs to be added to your playlist, NOW. 

Follow Izzar Thomas on social media and keep up with his work. Watch the video for H.M.O.M.L. below. 

ONE - Lead The Way ft. Shun Ward

Houston artists have been responsible for some of the coolest love songs ever, ok? ONE recently released one of those cool love songs, Lead The Way featuring Shun Ward. ONE's smooth, southern lyricism and Ward's one of a kind vocals combine for a truly Houston, heartfelt offering of love and uh, other things. Jam this with the windows down sometime this summer. Fall in love or whatever.

Go follow ONE on social media and check out his SoundCloud to stream Lead the Way and more. 

Listen: ONE - Lead the Way ft. Shun Ward

$hun - '09 Jams

Houston's $hun recently released '09 Jams, the first single from his newest EP, "Will Rap 4 A Way Outta Here". (You can find the entire EP here.) $hun flexes his lyricism skills over the airy, 9th Wonder produced track. There is a beat change about one minute and a half in that almost made me throw my laptop, in a good way. '09 Jams is another example of showcasing multiple influences without simply copying. $hun should be on your watch list, for sure. 

Follow $hun on social media and listen to '09 Jams below. 

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